Book Spotlight Thursday: Love, Ever Strong: A Romance Novella by Ronnda Eileen Henry

On  Book Spotlight Thursday today, we are spotlighting…

rn Love Ever Strong Cover_for_Kindle

“Love, Ever Strong” is the story of a love which begins in childhood but doesn’t reach fruition until years later. It’s also a story of healing and change. Rose and Conor were orphans who were raised together as friends and playmates since she was 2 and he a boy of 10. When Conor is 16, he leaves their rural home to find his way in the world, not expecting to see Rose ever again. Twenty years later, their paths cross again, but life has treated them each very differently. Battle-weary and motivated by revenge, Conor is nothing like the heroic figure of her romantic girlhood memories; or is he? And Rose is no longer the little girl who used to follow him around everywhere. She’s a widow with three young children who will surprise him in more ways than one.

Published November 14. 2017

Genre: Historical/Fiction/Romance/ Fantasy/Medieval fantasy

Pages: 92

Ages: Young adult/ Adult (Really perfect for all ages)


Who knew historical romance was not all about bodice-ripping romps in the stables! If you like historical fiction, but want less bodice-ripping action I give upon you Ronnda Eileen Henry. She has written a slew of these short little feministic wholesome novellas, and they are good! They are also the perfect length to absorb all on a rainy day or a relaxing Sunday. Being that I’m a busy mom with no time to herself I love that I could easily read one of Henry’s books in a day. Historical romance is completely not my genre. I completely adored and enjoyed this book, which surprised me. You can read my complete review over at INDIE’S REVIEW.


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