Charity Book REVEAL!

Ta Da! Completing the book was the easy part. Now it’s the goal of getting it published to sell and raise the money for the children and the schools.  Good new is I Will Not Eat Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Fries IS AVAILABLE on Amazon KINDLE for purchase. As for the paperback version, this is still in the works. This is the version I really want to get done so I can go out and fundraise with them. The book is short, which has caused physical publishing issues. Either I publish it like a booklet or I add more to it somehow. Trying not to get depressed… anyway! If you’d love to get the eBook version, you can purchase it right here at the link below.



As noted, ALL the proceeds go to helping children with their back to school supply needs and to help support the local schools here in Arkansas. Maybe one day THE WORLD!  As a thank you for your donation, you get this adorable little book.

Perhaps as a bonus for the paperback edition, I will tell the tale of how Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Fries came about. It’s a lovely story in itself.  One thing is for sure you will be hearing more about this little children’s book and the wonderful help it will bring.

If you can’t wait to donate the book is available NOW on Amazon Kindle


Publishing for the Children

To quote a NKOTB song, ” This one’s for the children.” YES! I am happy to share a sneak peek into my very first children’s book, “I WILL NOT EAT BROCOLLI CHEDDAR CHEESE FRIES” with the phenomenal graphic designer artist Luqman. (He donated his services for charity folks!)

Follow Luqman at

In honor of this event, all proceeds from I WILL NOT EAT BROCOLLI CHEDDAR CHEESE FRIES will go to helping children in the Hot Springs, AR area with back to school clothes and back to school supplies. I never had the ability to help others much. I am not rich and have often been on the in need side. I hope that with my talent I can help others.



AND there is no better way to help someone than to get a cool reward.  By purchasing this adorable little book you will help a child have new shoes for school. The pencils and crayons they need. Funds will also go to help the local schools PTO’s. Keep your eyes glued to my page or follow me on my Facebook ___>>>(over there on the side) For further detail and when you can get your copy!

My First Author Signing Event!

*Disclaimer*Sadly illness kept me from posting this sooner.

Well, I shall say my first public author outing was a success. The event had a pretty good turn out.  I met some amazing new authors, and well…learned a lot. Severe weather almost put a damper on the evening, but the sun came out just in time.

My Table


As expected though I felt totally insecure. Cursed me for not having a good selling pitch line for my book. Everyone else was so smooth. All I had was, “Its a paranormal romance novella.” “It’s an Angelic love story.” UGH! how lame! I choked up!  If I really think about it, my book is a lot deeper than that too. I wrote it why can’t I sell it! So, was it a failure? A success? Neither. It was a blast! While things did not go as I expected I still enjoyed myself. I learned more in the selling and marketing of my book as well as myself as an author. I truly hope there will be more public appearances to come. On a happy note, my book is now in the Garland County library for all to read!


Local Author Day Collage!












It’s Offical Promoting is Worse Than Editing

Yes, it is official promoting is way worse than editing that novel. Give me editing any day!

Today is my VERY FIRST public appearance as a writer. In honor of this, I and my self-proclaimed husband-manager hit the ground running last week promoting me and the event I will be at. Mush, Mush. “If you want this you have to do the work!” my husband says.

Actual promotional posters


To most this probably sound fun, but remember I am a WRITER! well, I am one of those eccentric writers okay.  I have horrible social anxiety and fibromyalgia along with chronic fatigue so it has really been exhausting! I didn’t even make it out Friday I was so sick!  This started to make me feel like it’s not worth it anymore. On top of that my books had not arrived yet either and the event was 4 days away! Amazon said they would arrive by Sunday. They deliver on Sundays you ask? Yes! yes! They deliver on Sundays! I got my books!



I can promote other people with no problem. To promote me, myself, it is the hardest thing ever! The important fact to take away from this though is that I DID DO IT! I set all my anxiety aside because the love, my drive I have for this craft overthrows any nervous anxiety I have. I am here.  I am driven. No longer will I hide. Perhaps after this event no longer CAN I hide as I hope there will be more appearances to come!


The twins were pretty excited for mom!



OMG, My first Author Event!

AuthorDayBanner 2

I am so excited I can not believe This! After all these years of helping others with their books, I have decided to pay some attention to the writer in me. Not the promoter in me. I took the leap and created a Kickstarter campaign to raise some funds to reboot my baby Angelic Confessions, which has now lead to my very first public appearance as an author.


books on bookshelves
Photo by Mike Bird on

I am an author so of course, I LOVE BOOKS. My whole library got destroyed in Hurricane Michael last year where we lost everything. We relocated to Arkansas and we love it here. Their library nice and I somehow got the nerve to ask about maybe doing an author event. “Well May 2nd we are having a local author day would you be interested in that?” The petite librarian asks. SURE!  Wow! That is so awesome! And I am now so nervous! feeling so insecure! Also at the same time, I am so happy! Feeling so blessed! No longer am I going to be a shadow writer. I went into the shadows with Angelic Confessions for so long. I just hope my fans are still out there! I am coming out of the shadows taking the world on by storm!

I am back baby!

ANGELIC CONFESSIONS-REBOOT Kickstarter Campaign is a Go!

IT HAS BEGUN! ( and I am terrified!)



Yes, Authors can be terrified. As I mentioned back in Meira’s Prince Book Release event Angelic Confessions is in the hopes of getting a reboot.

Back in 2013, I published my labor of love Angelic Confessions. It did well but could have done a lot better if I have not given up on it. Instead, I was helping other people promote their books, but never did I do my own. I did not mind though as helping others brought me so much joy. My husband says I never listen to him as he always complained I was helping others, but here I had this great book out there that no one really knows about. As much as I would love to promote my book I was always to busy still helping others gain exposure. I then remembered my husband’s words(see I do listen.) and decided to take the plunge. I wanted to give Angelic Confession the proper redo along with finally working on book 2 Angelic Awakenings. Thus ANGELIC REBOOT -Angelic Confessions ( Book1) Kickstarter Campaign was born.


We would love your visit and support! We already got 1dollar pledge! My goal is to raise $150.00 to help give Angelic Confessions the proper editing and cool new book cover design it needs to relaunch! $20 pledge gives you a free signed copy!

Help reboot the angelic love story that transcends all time!




Meira’s Prince Book Release Party!

Today starts an awesome 3 day weekend event for the release of Meira’s Prince by K.M Jenkins. For the event, special guest authors(Me included!) will come in to strut their stuff and congratulate K.M. Jenkins of course! There will be awesome give-a-ways too!


I will be joining the party on Sunday @4pm so come check me out as I will have some exciting news about ANGELIC CONFESSIONS along with new excerpts and art! Also, a print copy of Angelic Confessions will be up for grabs in the awesome giveaways!

Meira’s Prince Book Release Party COME ON IN!


4th Halloween-Poem Contest –Where Surprise! …


Come, poets, one in all, to the 4th Annual Halloween Poem Contest hosted over at Writer’s Treasure Chest.  A special announcement has been released today as to who will be the guest judges, and one of them is ME!!! I feel so honored to be a part of this contest. Poetry was where I started from, and as you can see from some previous post I still dabble in. So, yes it was a great honor to be asked to be a guest judge in this year’s contest. One of the prizes will also be a choice copy of my book Angelic Confessions.

Click on the link for further details and on who the other 2 guest judges are. Learn how you can enter your spooky poem today!