Book Spotlight Thursday: The Windmill Browns: The Tail of Posy Brown by David R. Styles

It is Thursday! Today I am honored to spotlight…

The Windmill Browns: The Tail of Posy Brown by David R. Styles.

WindmillTale of Posey Brown

Genre: Children’s

The Brown Family are a family of mice that live in a dis-used Windmill in Sussex U.K. They have three small children, George, Snowy and Smudge Their Father, Windmill Brown, so named as he is the current Windmill Keeper, is happy with his lot until another child, Posy comes along. Posy is mischievous, troublesome, and naughty and manages to get herself into a scrape with a local fox who relieves her of half of her tail.


New to the writing world The Windmill Brown: The Tail of Posy Brown is written by a former Police Officer David R. Styles. following a triple heart bypass, David decided he turn his hand to writing being its as he puts it, “More sedate.”


The Tail of Posy Brown

In a quiet town in Sussex,  not too far from the sea, a Windmill stands majestically for everyone to see. Its sails have long since turned and it no longer mills its flour so you could say that this old Windmill has seen its brightest hour. But this Windmill, once so busy is now home to little mice. Who moved in when the snow was deep and the ponds were thick with ice.

That was nineteen sixty-three when man had all but gone the Windmill, alone and derelict the Mice just carried on.  So here’s a story about the Browns And how they came in from the snow. How the Windmill became a home for them allowing them to grow.

Now with every generation, the Keepers job is handed down the current Windmill Keeper being Mr. Windmill Brown.  Windmill Brown is easy going and likes to turn his hand to mending all that’s broken but things rarely go as planned.

With his small felt hat and glasses and his measure made of wood, you’ll find him busy fixing all he’s failed to make as good.  His wife is very homely and keeps the family fed She does her shopping daily for the freshest cheese and bread.

And if you listen carefully you’ll catch her sing her tune as she rushes around the windmill dusting room to room.  Keep it clean and dust it through. Make the Windmill shine. Brush it up and sweep it out until everything is fine. Wash the pots and clean the pans. Polish up their lids. Clean up after Windmill Brown And his four naughty kids!

WindmillTale of Posey Brown

The Windmill Brown: The Tail of Posy Brown is available now on Amazon to purchase

You can find the link to it HERE

For UK buyers: HERE






David Styles

David Styles. Lives and works in Sussex, England, and has been a watercolour artist for the past 20 years. H predominantly focuses on buildings and landscapes as these seem to be what he likes painting the most. He has long hankered for the situation to arise where he could include both his painting and poetry together. he has longed loved poetry/rhyme. (He blames the Rupert annuals he was bought as a child!)

As long as he can remember he has written poetry, whether it be in the special occasion cards sent to family members or just for his own pleasure. He has written poems in many different forms but mostly enjoy humour and a good scary poem.

Over the past few months, he decided after purchasing a pen for his laptop, that he was going to write a humorous rhyming book with a few illustrations for his Grandson. Upon completion, the book looked okay and other family members liked it and suggested he publish it.

Learn more and visit David at



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