It’s Offical Promoting is Worse Than Editing

Yes, it is official promoting is way worse than editing that novel. Give me editing any day!

Today is my VERY FIRST public appearance as a writer. In honor of this, I and my self-proclaimed husband-manager hit the ground running last week promoting me and the event I will be at. Mush, Mush. “If you want this you have to do the work!” my husband says.

Actual promotional posters


To most this probably sound fun, but remember I am a WRITER! well, I am one of those eccentric writers okay.  I have horrible social anxiety and fibromyalgia along with chronic fatigue so it has really been exhausting! I didn’t even make it out Friday I was so sick!  This started to make me feel like it’s not worth it anymore. On top of that my books had not arrived yet either and the event was 4 days away! Amazon said they would arrive by Sunday. They deliver on Sundays you ask? Yes! yes! They deliver on Sundays! I got my books!



I can promote other people with no problem. To promote me, myself, it is the hardest thing ever! The important fact to take away from this though is that I DID DO IT! I set all my anxiety aside because the love, my drive I have for this craft overthrows any nervous anxiety I have. I am here.  I am driven. No longer will I hide. Perhaps after this event no longer CAN I hide as I hope there will be more appearances to come!


The twins were pretty excited for mom!



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