OMG, My first Author Event!

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I am so excited I can not believe This! After all these years of helping others with their books, I have decided to pay some attention to the writer in me. Not the promoter in me. I took the leap and created a Kickstarter campaign to raise some funds to reboot my baby Angelic Confessions, which has now lead to my very first public appearance as an author.


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I am an author so of course, I LOVE BOOKS. My whole library got destroyed in Hurricane Michael last year where we lost everything. We relocated to Arkansas and we love it here. Their library nice and I somehow got the nerve to ask about maybe doing an author event. “Well May 2nd we are having a local author day would you be interested in that?” The petite librarian asks. SURE!  Wow! That is so awesome! And I am now so nervous! feeling so insecure! Also at the same time, I am so happy! Feeling so blessed! No longer am I going to be a shadow writer. I went into the shadows with Angelic Confessions for so long. I just hope my fans are still out there! I am coming out of the shadows taking the world on by storm!

I am back baby!

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