ANGELIC CONFESSIONS-REBOOT Kickstarter Campaign is a Go!

IT HAS BEGUN! ( and I am terrified!)



Yes, Authors can be terrified. As I mentioned back in Meira’s Prince Book Release event Angelic Confessions is in the hopes of getting a reboot.

Back in 2013, I published my labor of love Angelic Confessions. It did well but could have done a lot better if I have not given up on it. Instead, I was helping other people promote their books, but never did I do my own. I did not mind though as helping others brought me so much joy. My husband says I never listen to him as he always complained I was helping others, but here I had this great book out there that no one really knows about. As much as I would love to promote my book I was always to busy still helping others gain exposure. I then remembered my husband’s words(see I do listen.) and decided to take the plunge. I wanted to give Angelic Confession the proper redo along with finally working on book 2 Angelic Awakenings. Thus ANGELIC REBOOT -Angelic Confessions ( Book1) Kickstarter Campaign was born.


We would love your visit and support! We already got 1dollar pledge! My goal is to raise $150.00 to help give Angelic Confessions the proper editing and cool new book cover design it needs to relaunch! $20 pledge gives you a free signed copy!

Help reboot the angelic love story that transcends all time!




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