My First Author Signing Event!

*Disclaimer*Sadly illness kept me from posting this sooner.

Well, I shall say my first public author outing was a success. The event had a pretty good turn out.  I met some amazing new authors, and well…learned a lot. Severe weather almost put a damper on the evening, but the sun came out just in time.

My Table


As expected though I felt totally insecure. Cursed me for not having a good selling pitch line for my book. Everyone else was so smooth. All I had was, “Its a paranormal romance novella.” “It’s an Angelic love story.” UGH! how lame! I choked up!  If I really think about it, my book is a lot deeper than that too. I wrote it why can’t I sell it! So, was it a failure? A success? Neither. It was a blast! While things did not go as I expected I still enjoyed myself. I learned more in the selling and marketing of my book as well as myself as an author. I truly hope there will be more public appearances to come. On a happy note, my book is now in the Garland County library for all to read!


Local Author Day Collage!












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