Happy Thanksgiving: A Thanksgiving Treat

While you’ve all seen my wizardry in informative writing. I thought I’d treat you all to my creative side. I home-school my son, who is autistic, and in his ELA class, he was to do 15 minutes of journal writing. To help motivate him, I sat next to him and said I would write too, and I wrote this little diddy (under 15 minutes at that). Per request, I read it to my boys at bedtime for their bedtime story. They loved it and said I should post it online. So for your reading pleasure, I present to you…

The Turkey That Loved Thanksgiving

Tibby The Turkey loved Thanksgiving. 

Insane! Do you say?

Well, let me tell you the story of Tibby The Turkey.

Tibby, just like any turkey, lived on a farm.

Wait, what did you say? Not all turkeys live on a farm. Some live in the wild, you say?

 Our Tibby lives on a farm (if that’s okay). Her friends were a barn cat, a goat, a cow, a rooster, and a dog named Libby.

Huh? Libby is not Tibby’s friend? What? Who told you that?! Sal, the mouse! Where did he come from?! Okay, whatever moving on.

Tibby’s life was content on the farm with everything a turkey could want, and Thanksgiving was Tibby’s favorite holiday.

How do you ask? Why! You ask?

Her owners were vegetarians, of course.

Image by DC Williams

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