Product Review: TRIM™ by SUNMED

It’s the NEW YEAR again! Time for the new you, and you swear you will get in shape. Why not help yourself along the way with TRIM™ by Sun Med.

CBD For Weight Loss

Introducing TRIM ™, a new weightless supplement that helps you lose weight and feel good about it because it is all-natural.

What is TRIM™?

TRIM™ is a new product that features THC-V, a compound found in the versatile Hemp plant that is discovered to help suppress your appetite naturally. Wait for what? THC? Isn’t that…?  Yes, but no. Well, let’s have a science breakdown.


THC and THC-V, what’s the difference? Not much, but a whole lot just by one little molecule change. One turns on our appetited receptors (i.e., the case of the munchies) while the other has been found to suppress it. You see, THC and THC- V are cannabinoids. We have cannabinoid receptors in certain parts of our brain. When THC enters, it attaches to these receptors and activates them. In the THC-V case, deactivate. Let’s break it down further.

Also called THC Delta 9, THC D-9 is the cannabinoid that binds with our cannabinoid receptors in the brain, turning on and stimulating the appetite part of our brain.
Does the same binding with our cannabinoid receptors, but instead of stimulating the appetite, it has been discovered it can turn it off, thus helping to suppress our appetite.

Does TRIM Really Work?

Human clinical studies have been done spanning 13weeks, and the study results showed success which they displayed prominently on their product box and website. Intrigued to find out for me, I conducted a 30-day trial. I had nothing to gain and a lot to lose if you get my meaning. To get you started TRIM comes in either tincture drops or capsule form.

I took the capsules while my husband joined me, taking the tincture drop. To be honest, I was skeptical. I really did not change the way I ate, but I did incorporate exercise as I do 16 minutes on the stationary bike a day for my therapy. I have fibromyalgia and spinal stenosis in my upper spine and lower. Toss in arthritis too, and you get my health and weight condition. Cravings were really not my issue in that my issue is more stress eating. Could TRIM™ help?


Going in with a let’s see what happens mindset, it took a week to realize, wow, this does work! I would eat breakfast at 8 am then start my workday, soon realizing it is 2 pm, and I am now just realizing I am hungry. WHAT?! Geez! I’m usually hungry again by 10 am, but I hold off till noon for a lunch break. I am also guilty of going in for seconds at dinner. Oddly I found myself satisfied after dinner and saying no to seconds when asked if I wanted more. I don’t own a scale, but my clothes fit better,. The clothes don’t lie, and God forbid, I swear I noticed a little less stomach pooch in my stomach.

As for my husband, he took his at night to help quell him of the midnight munchies. He, too, found himself surprised as he discovered it did help him slow down his late-night binge eating.

Healthy Weight Loss Pill

The joy in all this is that TRIM™ is good for your body with the boasted added benefits of helping reduce anxiety, improve better sleep along with possessing anti-inflammatory properties. To be honest, I did feel TRIM ™ helped with my inflammation too. All-natural, the ingredient label is small, and you will recognize every single one. The result is TRIM ™ does work and is a product I can get behind.
For More Information, visit SUNMED to find a CBC store near you.

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