INDIE MOVIE REVIEW: Normandy Is My Name (2015)

Sneaking in the last Indie review of the year with the hit Normandy Is My Name, which is a brilliant indie watch. I also have been thinking about creating a whole website devoted to my Indie film reviews as requests are pouring in from Indie filmmakers to review their films. Yay or Nay? Okay, read on!

Five teens are forced into a thirty-day digital detox. No cell phones, electronics, internet, or video games. Their lives will forever be changed.

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 All hail Normandy Is My Name! An absolute charm your pants off teen comedy-drama Normandy Is My Name will warm your heart, adding a surprising case of “the feels.”

The cast of Normandy Is My Name.

What happens when a group of parents decides their kids need a break from technology? They band together to hold a 30 day no phone, no internet, no video game detox. Now five teens that vaguely know each other than they attend the same school and that each of their dads plays community soccer together are forced together during the digital detox time and learn maybe technology is not all that grande.

Cory Cole

Winner of the Montreal International Wreath Awards Film Festival (2015) for best Cinematography (David Throckmorton) and winner of the Silver Screen Award at the Nevada International Film Festival Normandy Is My Name is written and directed by Jim Russell. Paying slight homage to The Breakfast Club, I still found Normandy Is My Name to be refreshingly original, and fun from the moment Normandy Meadow’s (Cory Cole) voice narration hits our ears. Cole leads this film and does a knockout performance, ultimately impressing so much to earn her a Best Actress in a Feature Film nomination at the MIWAFF (Montreal International Wreath Awards Film Festival).

David LaVota

David LaVota (Francois Butwipee) is another standout playing speedo yoga-loving Francois. Michael Derr (Buford Buckinham), Kimberly Chexnayder (Oliva Miller), and Nehemiah Deason(Bently Humphrey) also all do surprisingly well making you invested in each of their stereotypical characters of the jock, cheerleader, and rocker. Yet, evolving them into so much more that you find yourself liking even caring about them.

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Left to Right David Lavota Michael Derr Kimberly Chexnayder and Nehemiah Deason

Normandy is My Name will take you totally by surprise and is a complete feel-good movie to enjoy, with a hidden message of the classic old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” as each teen discovers each one is more than what they appear. Normandy Is My Name is way more than it appears as well. Hit that play button and watch; you just might be amazed. I know I was.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 s

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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