Book Spotlight Thursday: The Emissary

Going to try and make this a thing now. I am currently reading book 2 of this series, so I thought I would spotlight the first book The Emissary: The Selanian Chronicles Volume 1 by Peter Krausche.


The premise is this:

In the summer of 1982, a year after the assassination of President Ronald Reagan, Philip almost runs over a beautiful but mysterious young woman named Silana living in the forests of Oregon. Silana is worried her presence may have caused ripples that have disrupted this timeline. But what can she do about it? And how is she related to the stranger who discovers a body hidden by the side of the road when he suddenly appears on the planet Piral one bright spring morning? As the stranger, who calls himself Vilam, attempts to investigate the murder, he finds himself wrapped up in events that threaten to destroy the Neo-Victorian society he finds himself in.

Nova, an acolyte of the Selanian Order and chief of the staff of a former High Priestess, is tasked with finding out more about the stranger and helping him solve the crime. But her best friend Catyana’s powers are growing at an immense rate, and she doesn’t know how she’ll be able to protect her from their enemies when they find out what she can do. Catyana’s sister is having horrific visions about a sinister figure she calls the Goddess of Death, and tensions between the eastern and western provinces are about to escalate. On this strange world populated by such fantastical beings as enchantresses, mermaids, unicorns, and dragons, and in this difficult time in which everything seems to be coming to a head, can Nova, Catyana, and Vilam find the answers they so desperately need before their society descends into the chaos and violence of a civil war? Find out by reading the first volume of the Selanian Chronicles, The Emissary.

The Emissary blends fantasy with science fiction as we traverse on earth as well as the planet Piral. I think time and space too. Krausche delivers something fresh and different in this story and world he has written.  There are actually two stories going on, yet as you read they start to intertwine. The author actually has a disclaimer that pretty much says this will all make sense at the end of the series. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing you want in your book. Either way, I did like this first book in the series.



You can read my full review of the book HERE.

I am 30% into Volume 2 The High Priestess. It is a bit longer than the first book and I am only 16 hours in. I think I am on chapter 8.  So much has happened, yet I feel I have not even dented the surface yet. We already have had a murder attempt! If you are into epic science fiction/ fantasy reads try the Selanian Chronicles.


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