Book Spotlight Thursday (Quarantine Edition)

**(Should this be an ongoing thing? Let me know in the comments!)**

It is Thirsty Thursday! So, here I am with a nice book to quench your thirst!  Today I would like to share this little gem of a book I just read. Sundance (The Council Of Twelve Series Book 2) by A.J. Alexander.

Sundance Promo BannerI completely fell into love with this book. It intimately reminded me why I love paranormal romance books. Ask me why do I love paranormal romance? This book is the reason why. Sundance has all the right elements that make paranormal romance novels great.

  • Situations outside the normal realm of science? CHECK
  • Characters for myth, folklore or fairytales? CHECK
  • Human falling in love with a natural being/creature? CHECK

Alexander takes all these elements and weaves an illustrious tale. Swept away we meet 7-year-old Cara. Her parents tell her she is literally a gift from God…on a loan so to speak. You see her parents prayed for a child and God granted their wish, but she has to be returned after 7 years. When Cara suddenly falls ill with a mysterious illness, she awakens to find herself in heaven? Well, sort of…to read the full review click here!

Also, check out the awesome book trailer I created for the SUNDANCE (The Council of Twelve Series Book 2) promotion! VIEW HERE.

Oh! and don’t forget Book 1 of the series either. SOUL TAKERSoulTakerbanner2

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