Charity Book REVEAL!

Ta Da! Completing the book was the easy part. Now it’s the goal of getting it published to sell and raise the money for the children and the schools.  Good new is I Will Not Eat Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Fries IS AVAILABLE on Amazon KINDLE for purchase. As for the paperback version, this is still in the works. This is the version I really want to get done so I can go out and fundraise with them. The book is short, which has caused physical publishing issues. Either I publish it like a booklet or I add more to it somehow. Trying not to get depressed… anyway! If you’d love to get the eBook version, you can purchase it right here at the link below.



As noted, ALL the proceeds go to helping children with their back to school supply needs and to help support the local schools here in Arkansas. Maybe one day THE WORLD!  As a thank you for your donation, you get this adorable little book.

Perhaps as a bonus for the paperback edition, I will tell the tale of how Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Fries came about. It’s a lovely story in itself.  One thing is for sure you will be hearing more about this little children’s book and the wonderful help it will bring.

If you can’t wait to donate the book is available NOW on Amazon Kindle


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