Publishing for the Children

To quote a NKOTB song, ” This one’s for the children.” YES! I am happy to share a sneak peek into my very first children’s book, “I WILL NOT EAT BROCOLLI CHEDDAR CHEESE FRIES” with the phenomenal graphic designer artist Luqman. (He donated his services for charity folks!)

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In honor of this event, all proceeds from I WILL NOT EAT BROCOLLI CHEDDAR CHEESE FRIES will go to helping children in the Hot Springs, AR area with back to school clothes and back to school supplies. I never had the ability to help others much. I am not rich and have often been on the in need side. I hope that with my talent I can help others.



AND there is no better way to help someone than to get a cool reward.  By purchasing this adorable little book you will help a child have new shoes for school. The pencils and crayons they need. Funds will also go to help the local schools PTO’s. Keep your eyes glued to my page or follow me on my Facebook ___>>>(over there on the side) For further detail and when you can get your copy!

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