Thursday Book Spotlight: Heroes & Harbingers by ARK Horton

The summer heat is on, so stay inside, be cool and read a book. This Thursday, we are spotlighting Heros & Harbingers, the first book in Ark Horton’s Secrets of Pantheons Series. Read on and have a chance to win a great giveaway at the end hosted by R&R Book Tours.

Secret of Pantheons (Heroes & Harbingers #1)
Publication Date: June 11th, 2022
Genre: Adult Fantasy Academia

Food fights. Detention. Dissecting fairies for science class. Just another day for teachers at a Magical Public School.
Ms. Sirin’s fate as a death harbinger has ruined her life. She longs to be more than a herald of doom, aspiring to impact lives in her teaching career. But when a new student with bold dreams joins her class and is picked as this century’s Chosen One, Ms. Sirin’s dark power senses a terrible sacrifice to come.
Finn MacCool’s warrior past didn’t prepare him for a hundred years of teaching for his community service. Spending the last decade of his sentence at a new school, the immortal develops a crush on his tempting but aloof coworker. The Irish legend blows his chance when he butts heads with the Council of Pantheons’ latest brave heroine—who also happens to be Ms. Sirin’s favorite pupil.
However, the Chosen One’s quest isn’t all it seems. Pavlina’s lethal prophecies come to pass, and her gift warns of more to come. Will this daring trio of heroes have what it takes to make the grade, or will they fail before they even make it to Summer Break?
Set in an alternate reality of Jacksonville, Florida, this adult urban fantasy is the first book in the Secret of Pantheons series. If you enjoy a hearty helping of mythology, found family, and unbreakable bonds, this book is for you. Class is in session with Heroes & Harbingers—delve in now before the bell rings!

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This is a book written by an adult, mostly about adults and for an adult audience. While many teenagers may appreciate this book and even learn positive things from it, please read ahead if you intend to gift it to anyone under 18, as it may contain some content you may deem inappropriate for them, such as:
⦁ Grief
⦁ Death
⦁ Kidnapping
⦁ Pregnancy Loss
⦁ Substance Abuse
⦁ Life-Threatening Situations

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A.R.K. Horton is a small woman made of round shapes and long sighs. Children and animals surround her in her Florida home. Her vice is hoarding responsibilities, and she has the tired eyes to prove it. They still have a sparkle, though, seeing the next project ahead.
She began writing as a child when she became obsessed with learning about the most obscure fairytales, folktales, and myths. Now, as a Pagan Witch, she uses the stories she loved growing up with and her own spiritual journey to inspire her blogs and novels.

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