Indie Film Review: Love N Quarantine (2022)


Ben and Caroline Marshall have been married for years. Thrust into quarantine, their love gets put to the test.

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I didn’t think I would want to watch a Covid-19-inspired film, but Love N Quarantine is a delightful film. Filmed during ACTUAL Quarantine, writer and director David Espinosa and his crew gets it done. Never before have I rooted for a romantic couple so much since my teen soap opera days!

NJ Brown working on Love N Quarantine

 Plot-wise, Love N Quarantine flows smoothly. We are introduced to Ben and Caroline Marshall. They are a rock-solid super couple in love as the Covid lockdown madness and Black Lives Matters Movement hits. Locked in with the love of your life sounds romantic. Right? Let’s say you’ve never seen cabin fever get this volatile before as day 23 of quarantine hits. The couple’s hidden feelings start to surface in minor petty instances as the days go on, even climaxing to the point that they think each other is out to kill them. A pretty humorous scene, by the way.

Filming of Love and Quarantine

 Soon they start to realize their ideal marriage; they thought they had perhaps only succeeded because they had never really deeply talked to each other before. But when Covid hits close to home, can the hurt feelings, disappointment, and anger subside enough, or is Ben and Caroline’s marriage doomed? 

Performance-wise, the whole cast was stellar, with standout leads in NJ Brown (Ben Marshall) and Jeanne Young (Caroline Mashall). Their chemistry was investing; you cared about them instantly. In a blink, and you might miss a moment, Producer and often Espinosa’s collaboration partner, Craig Ahrens, makes a cameo playing the role of the Process server.

 While Love N Quarantine is a drama-comedy, Espinosa carefully and truthfully weaves in the George Floyd case and the Black Lives Matters Movement that took place simultaneously during the pandemic. It hits home hard for Ben and Caroline being Ben and Caroline are an interracial couple, which I loved seeing being I am a product of interracial love. I could not have imagined any other actors better to portray Ben and Caroline Marshall than Jeanne Young and NJ Brown. Their acting prowess is potent and leading.

Writer/ Director David Espinosa on the set of Love N Quarantine

Shot-wise, Love N Quarantine flows smoothly with well transitional cuts and edits that are impressive for an Indie film. It is hard to believe they shot this during the pandemic, as you can not tell. It’s a well-polished film. I give it 5 out of 5 stars for me!
Love Quarantine is available to watch on Amazon Prime and Tubi TV.

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  1. This is an accurate review of this film. It is funny, but it also tells so much of the truth about how fast some peoples lives were rocked off balance being cooped up for so long.


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