INDIE MOVIE REVIEW: The Midas Touch (2020)

Felix – too old to be a dreamer and too young to have lost every hope, has arrived at a crossroads in his life.

Should he continue with the same tedious routine – ridiculed by his boss and colleagues, ignored by beautiful women, without friends?

Or is there something else?

Does life have more to offer?

An unexpected encounter with a stranger brings the chance of a lifetime, but there is always a price… ~Tilman Borck.

****Rating: M for Mature Sexual situations and nudity****


The Midas Touch (2020) - IMDb
Tilman Borck ,Bernhard Bozman and Gino Wilson

In watching The Midas Touch, I deduced that a pack of horney women could be pretty dangerous. That aside, The Midas Touch is a complete reconstruction of the classic “King Midas” tale. We are introduced to shy, awkward Felix (Gino Wilson). Unlucky with the ladies and just life itself, Felix seems to be constantly reminded and teased every day by his lothario boss and co-workers. That is until he encounters a stranger at the bar who walks in with a flock of ladies adoring him. Seeing Felix admiring his way with the ladies, he strikes up a conversation saying Felix too can have all the women he wants just by touching them. He warns it is not all it’s cracked up to be, but he can pass this talent along. Felix, of course, jumps at the chance. As always, with great power comes great responsibility, but when Felix’s abilities catch the attention of the news, a cult leader, his boss, and their client, amusing debauchery ensues.

The.Midas.Touch.2020.WEBRip.x264-ION10 Torrent download
Gino Wilson and Noemi Domokos

Written, directed, and produced by Tilman Borck, he also stars playing the flamboyant gothic dressing female empowerment super guru savior Sviatoslav Rau who basically steals the show. When Borck is on the screen, the film is at its best. Borck is absolutely brilliant. All the humorous parts come from Borck and his Sidekick (Bernhard Bozian). Gino Wilson’s performance as Felix holds his own, though, as he makes Felix a likable character to follow. When we first met Felix, I loved how Borck had him dressed in tan drab colors. Then once he received the “Midas touch,” his wardrobe changed to a vibrant blue suit representing Felix’s change. Other honorable performances are Clayton Nemrow (Ron the Boss), Kate G. Lacy (Jane the Secretary), and Noemi Domokos (Sarah Walker).

Original Film Art

 Borck creates a freshly entertaining slapstick comedy farce film that flows nicely. Filled with sex romp fun, I found Borck made it work, and I have never encountered that in a comedy farce film like The Midas Touch tries to be a part of. Borck does it right.  He makes the use of nudity and sex to make absolute sense in a film, finally! In most cases, sex and nudity in comedy films seem forced and slipped in there being a bit gratuitous because sex sells. It is never really vital to the story’s plot. Here Borck weaves it lightly into his story. It is a part of the drive of the story. I say Tilman Borck definitely has the filmmaking touch.

Overall rating **** 4 out of 5 stars.

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