Writing Expanded!

As tomorrow is Thanksgiving I would like to give thanks as I am so thankful to be here still this year. While everyone thinks this year has been horrible I am seeing the blessings in it. Plus I am an introvert so social distancing is my existence. This year though exciting things have happened as my little writing business world is expanding!

Indie Promotions is now expanding from the Indie author world into Indie Filmmaking! We have recently joined with MyIndie Productions as contributing film reviewer! How did this start? An Indie filmmaker sent me a copy of his latest film to me to watch for my birthday, as a thanks just for sharing his work. As a thank you back I decided I would do a complementary review back for him. I really enjoyed do it. I wanted to branch out more and perhaps get into Indie film reviewing world, with promoting as well.

Skip to the good stuff I completed my first official indie film review and have been added as contributing reviewer! All with hope of fine tuning my writing craft more.

Thank you to MyIndie Productions for having me!

You can view my offical review down below!

By JannyC

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