Book Spotlight Thursday: The Adventures of Ollie Orangutan by Larry Landgraf

It’s THURSDAY! I think we missed last Thursday, but back on track here. Today we are spotlighting a children’s book: The Adventures of Ollie Orangutan by Larry Landgraf

Book Title: The Adventures of Ollie Orangutan

Genre: Childrens, Life lesson story

Ages Appropiate: 7 -and up

Ollie is a cute story and I think would make a spectacular movie. Ollie is remeniscent of those family animal movies like “Benji”, “Homeward Bound”, “Milo and Ottis”. Not sure you could get an Orangutan to act, but I am seeing something brilliant from Industrial Lights and Magic! The story is of young Ollie moving from his current Zoo home to a new Zoo in another town away. On his way there his train derails and Ollie is set free finding himself in the swamp lands of Texas. There he meet a bunch of critters only really kind of finding a friend in a kind of persnickey Owl named Fran. Ollie need food. Fran tells him of an old hermit that lives at the edge of the swamps who grows all the fruits Ollie needs. It is dangerous though as the hermit has a gun and a guard dog. Ollie must take his chances or risk starving to death.

You can read a the full review of Ollie HERE


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