A Writer’s Resolution

Happy New Year!


I normally do not make new years resolutions. Even as a child I hated those holiday fun activities in elementary school where they asked us to write our own new years resolutions. I loathed it. I had no goals. I was living life day to day. What happens, happens. Kind of a sad outlook for a 10 year old. Even in adulthood I could not escape the dreaded new years resolution. A job requirement one time was  to take a mandatory course on making goals for yourself. UUUUGH! I DO NOT MAKE GOALS!

Apparently my rejection of goals finally reached the ears of the gods of new years resolutions whom then hit me with their lighting bolt. Something sparked in me this year to want to make a new years resolution…not just an ordinary new years resolution mind you. A WRITERS RESOLUTION!

Here we go!

My Writer’s Resolution

1. Work on my blogs more. I am so busy striving to write for others I have not feed my personal writing enough. I have not promoted myself as a writer, reviewer, or promoter enough. That is goal one to spotlight on me and my writing more.

2. Spotlight poetry and poets. Poetry is my first love. Poetry is where my writing affair started. Therefore I declare a CALL TO ACTION! CALLING ALL POETS! PLEASE SEND IN YOUR WORKS OF POETRY TO BE FEATURED ON MY BLOG( click on contact me section to contact me directly and submit)  ALONG WITH YOUR BIO. YOUR NAME AND WORKS SHALL THEN BE SEEN ALL ACROSS THE INTERNET!

3. Be more positive. Especially in this business depression can consume you. There’s rejection letters after rejection letters. Companies where they will hire you then have such high expectations and pay you in pennies if you get paid at  all…. well that is suited for another blog post.

Happy New Year folks! #make2018great. (Lets make this hashtag spread!)

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