Are You in the Writing Mood?

Do you have to be in a certain mood to write? When trying to endlessly find time to write I have also noticed I must be in the mood to write as well. I have found that often certain life obstacles can infiltrate into my writing mood causing a dampening on my writing, or worse making me lose my ability to write altogether. What are these obstacles?



It never fails, just as I sit down to write someone needs me. My husband can be a guilty party to this as well. Therefore family can often kill your mood to write(Especially if they are all under eighteen). Let me set a scene up for you. You’ve finished up the household chores kids are settled watching a video. You sit down to start to write then hear, “Mom I’m thirsty.” You, of course, get up to satiate your child’s thirst. Back to writing time. “Mom I have to go to the potty.” Okay, a minor set back you get up and do that then now it is back to writing things are going well. “Mom I can’t find my number 5!” Your eye now starts to twitch as you tell you sweet one to then go FIND it through gritted teeth. Then his brother comes in, “Mom..” You explode with, “WHAT!” To which he responded with his big doe blue eyes. ” I love you. I need hugs.” Your anger melts and writing is usually tossed out the window for the remainder of the day as you play with your adoring offspring.



Pain can be a major factor in your mood to write even the simplest headache can damper your mood and ability to write especially if it magnifies into a migraine. It’s worse if you suffer from chronic pain. No medication takes it completely away. The meds that claim to just mostly fog your mind leaving you often with days where you just hurt too much to write. Your brain is too busy trying to put out pain receptor fires in your body to even concentrate let alone do any writing. Pain does not put you in the mood to write.



A light to mild depression can sometimes be your muse or your fuel to write letting you create deep poetic, inspiring works. Depression can worsen though, killing your interest all together to write or worse not killing your passion, clouding your mind preventing you from being able to write and express anything altogether affecting your mood to write.



Overall our health can be a big factor in our mood to write. When you are feverish with the flu or worse you are not much in the mood to write are you? Thus, the right mood is needed to write. What do you think? Discuss. Share thoughts.

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