Sneak Peek Submission


Greeting all!

As you all know I am a freelance writer and today I thought I’d give you a sneak peek into the life.

Today I just sent off a submission to Mamalode who is joining forces with Hyland’s  for their #amotherknows campaign. If my piece is accepted my piece gets featured on their platform yay! I will keep you posted, but for a daring gesture here is your SPECIAL Sneak Peek!  Shhhhh!


A Mother’s Gritty Wisdom

By Janny C

You meet your child for the first time, so much love abounds. You are so proud to be a mother now.

Next, there is:

2 am feedings

Colic is reeling

Tantrums and screaming

Patience at an ending…

Night time comes happily to say goodbye to the sun.

Tuck them in bed sweet and tight. You then pause watching them sleep.

At that moment love swells up inside you overwhelmingly. Lumping in your throat so you can’t speak.

It is then you remember why you became a Mother.

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