Journaling to the Next Level with the Dig Deeper Journal by Inside Then Out

Intending to help people worldwide reach a better version of themselves, Inside Then Out created the perfect journal to make that journey less daunting and enjoyable.

Following the success of its Better Every Day Journal (over $1M in sales), Inside Then Out has designed and released its newest journal for those ready for a more vigorous exploration.

Look further into your mind, emotions, and spirit with the Dig Deeper Journal. Designed to support and empower your growth and mindfulness, it makes looking inwards and understanding yourself all the easier…

With the rise in mental health awareness, we know journaling can be very therapeutic. Enter Then Inside Then Out, who takes journaling to the next level. I haven’t journaled in a long time, so when the Dig Deeper Journal came across my desk, I thought, why not give it a shot again?

For the full review, visit

Makes a great gift for the writer in your life or yourself.

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